Coronavirus Communications – Q&A Series

Apr 7, 2020

Employee Communications 

Where are people looking to find information amidst the Coronavirus crisis? You might be surprised to know that employers ranked highly along with media outlets (according to a trust barometer recent published by Edelman). In fact, employers ranked above government entities. What does that mean? Your team is counting on you to communicate with them during this crisis. 


What do I need to share with employees?

Top concerns are job security and safety. Be honest and caring. Make sure employees know the steps you are taking to protect their safety, new procedures they should be adopting, that you care about them and the community, and that you are doing everything possible to sustain business. 


Do I need to always put a positive spin on things, even when things are going badly?

No. Your two communications priorities are to be honest and caring. Your employees understand the gravity of this situation. What they need to know is that you are doing everything possible to keep them safe and employed. If a time comes when either of those things is threatened, they need to know and they need to be able to trust that you will tell them. 

How often do your employees want to hear from you?

At least once a day. The world is changing by the hour leaving people hungry for knowledge and security. Hearing from you provides reassurance as to their employment and sometimes even their health and safety depending on the type of business you operate.

What if I don’t have important updates to share with my team?

You don’t need to have big news and updates to have a reason to communicate with your employees. Your tone and availability have the power to positively affect employee morale which is contagious throughout your entire organization. 

How can I build employee morale during this crisis?

Aside from frequent communication about important matters of job security and safety, here are a few ideas to keep morale positive. Consider answering common staff questions during your communications. If one person is asking a question, odds are others are asking themselves the same question. You can also share helpful resources with your team. There are numerous reputable organizations that are assisting people with health questions, money management strategies, education assistance for parents who are now homeschooling, and so on. Be sure to highlight team members who are rising up during this time of need. People need to know that you see them and appreciate them. To keep things fun, add a competition to daily life, like a riddle with the chance to win an incentive – perhaps an hour of leave time.


We understand that the needs of your brand will be unique. Should you need personalized assistance during this time, Komet would be glad to provide you with a free 15-minute consultation to learn more about your unique business needs and help ideate solutions. When you succeed, we all succeed.



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