Video – Show me your story, I don’t want to read

Jul 27, 2019Blog

Would you rather read a book on how to train your dog or watch a series of short videos?

Do you want to read a recipe and wonder if your dish looks like it’s supposed to, or see a finished version before you serve your guests?

Video is here to stay and if you’re not telling your story with sight and sound, you’re missing out. Need a few more reasons?

  1. Videos make it easier for your customers to understand who you are and what you offer.
  2. The world is built for video: your website, social media, digital ads.
  3. Videos are easy to share.
  4. Videos are fun!

Some people think of commercials when it comes to creating videos for businesses; but that’s only one video model. Videos can be:

  • Testimonials from clients that help build your brand
  • Short how-to explanations
  • A platform for thought leadership- conversational pieces that describe your products and services

So why aren’t more people using video? One big reason is the myth that it’s too expensive, but creating video assets doesn’t have to break the bank.

Quality productions can be created for a relatively low cost, and remember, this is an asset that can be used in many ways. You will have multiple exposure opportunities for your investment and you’re able to capitalize on content development. For example, social posts and websites offer limited real estate, but adding a video gives more time and space to the assets you’re already using. 

Our favorite reason to incorporate video into your outreach is that it allows you to speak directly to your customers, not through media or a partner organization. Video is personal, it’s your story, and it’s told authentically. The relatability of this is unparalleled.

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